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Retail Tuesday: Novel-T


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This week’s Retail Tuesday is brought to you by my Pinterest boards (I pinned some of these so long ago and completely forgot about them) and a brand name that is SUPER clever: Novel-T. Genius.

“Jerseys are a great way to show support for your heroes–if your heroes happen to be athletes. But what if your heroes are found in the bookstore instead of the ballpark?

Novel-T offers an opportunity to express your support for the all-stars of literature. For those who feel a connection to certain writers or characters–be it Walt Whitman’s expansive exultations, Huck Finn’s mischievous morality, Kurt Vonnegut’s humorous humanism, or Bartleby’s seemingly inscrutable insubordination–these super-soft, slim-fit jersey-style tees are a winning way to wear what you read.”

I’m in. Do you think they’ll custom make a tee? I’m thinking they’re severely lacking in the Tolkien department. But I am also feeling Gatsby and Quixote… the great and the dreamer.

Gatsby Poe Quixote


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