Valar morghulis

Directly translates to… March is going to be SUCH A LONG MONTH. Or “all men must die.” One or the other.

Good Guy HBO is doing everything it can to fill the Game of Thrones shaped hole in all of our hearts. They’ve released three more teasers for the upcoming 4th season. They’re pretty exciting… even if they also serve to remind us how far away April is.

“They’re dragons, Khaleesi. They can never be tamed. Not even by their mother.”


Tyrion in the Dungeon
“Come for a last look?”


Stark children (minus Rickon)
“The first time I saw you, you were just a child. A girl from the North come to the capital for the first time. You’re not a child anymore.”



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3 responses to “Valar morghulis

  1. 🙂 I almost forgot about Rickon too! Thanks for sharing these.

  2. The wait is soooooo long for me because I don’t have HBO, so I have to block out all the buzz until the season comes out on DVD. Waiting for Season 3 was torture, because I heard everyone talking about the “red wedding” and I didn’t want to spoil it for myself!

    • dog-eared & foxing

      I can’t even imagine that wait! The trick is to find someone who will give you access to their cable account so you can watch them on the HBO Go App. I’m THIS close to getting rid of cable because Comast is evil incarnate. If I ever pull the plug, I’m going to start mooching my parents’ HBO lol.

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