Introducing “Retail Tuesday”

ImageI love swag of all kinds, but I especially love literary swag. Why not show off your love of all things bookish on your walls, in your wardrobe or in your accessories? Since most book lovers feel the same, I thought I’d start “Retail Tuesday.”

Why Tuesday? For the alliteration, mostly, but also because Tuesday isn’t anything. It’s not the first day of the week. It’s not hump day. It’s not almost Friday. And it’s certainly not Friday or the weekend. It just floats there, in the middle of the week being nothing. Maybe it’ll help me to dislike Tuesdays a little less.

Without further ado, please check out Bookishly for all your wall envy art, jewelry and greeting cards. Bookishly uses rescued books, comics and sheet music in hand framed eco-friendly wood. Since 2009, they’ve developed a range of offerings from literary and musical favorites to “geek” interests such as binary and mathematical equations. Each piece is printed onto an individual original book page using an exclusive hand drawn font, so you know your art will be unique.

Honestly, how great are these? I want them all.


Oscar Wilde


Pride and Prejudice


Wuthering Heights



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3 responses to “Introducing “Retail Tuesday”

  1. Love the examples you put up, but now I need to collect them all 🙂 When I was doing my Christmas shopping last year I couldn’t decide between an infinity scarf printed with a passage from P&P or a book bag with a Jane Austen quote. Literary gifts are the best.

    • dog-eared & foxing

      They ARE. This is probably borderline literary since it’s based more on the movie, but my brother got me a replica of Ron’s wand from Harry Potter for Christmas. You know the collector’s ones you can get at Barnes and Noble? Well, I lost my cool over it. It was probably my favorite gift this year.

      • Did you know you can get a remote control shaped like a wand? Then you just flick it and change the channel (: A few of us chipped in and bought one for a friend a couple of years ago.

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